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Madalena Manzoni Palmeirim
Madalena Manzoni Palmeirim (b. 1987, Lisbon) has a master's degree in English and American Studies - Interart Studies, and a BA degree in Performing Arts from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, having enrolled at the Universiteit van Amsterdam in 2008 as an Erasmus student. She is a researcher of ULICES since 2009, working in the area of cinema and music.
Apart from her academic path, she studied piano with Carla Seixas, integrated the Faculty of Letters Theatre Group with Ávila Costa, and was selected for the Young Creators ’09 competition in the area of music with the project Nome Comum. She worked a lot, and on a lot of projects with Ana Luísa Valdeira da Silva: together they conceived and produced 3Halves Project, a cross-disciplinary performance involving music, dance, and visual arts; they carried out in Belém Cultural Centre an Opera Creation Workshop; and they have been developing Sculptures, a project for two violins, piano and soap bubbles.


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