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Krystian Lada
Krystian Lada (born 1983) is a Polish theatre director and dramaturge based in Amsterdam, currently working on freelance bases in The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. His diverse training and practical experience – music theatre singer, dancer and performer, tv and theatre director, writer (MA Literary Studies, University of Amsterdam), dramaturge (MA Dramaturgy, UvA), curator and project manager – is reflected in his artistic creation: his work is to be situated in the transit zone between theater, visual arts and music; between the tangible presence of human bodies and technology; between high-culture and creative activism actions; between opera and performance. The paradoxes of interhuman relations are often topics of his works.
His artistic work develops simultaneously on two levels. On the one hand, he is engaged in various interdisciplinary and international performing arts projects as director and dramaturge. On the other hand, he reflects on his creation in the broader discourse of performance and art concepts, combining his artistic practice with theoretical framework. In his artistic research Krystian investigates new models for image dramaturgy, as well as questions concerning politics of the aesthetics.
An important characteristic of his work is collaboration with artists from various backgrounds. Krystian believes in theatre understood as a gathering place and experimental field for different art disciplines.
Krystian is co-founder and curator of mp3 [music+poetry+3 languages] – a series of transmedial events in Amsterdam, inviting young international artists of various backgrounds to challenge boundaries of their artistic techniques. He curates Fringe EXTRA – a series of masterclasses and special events at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.


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