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Jonas Löllmann

Born 1981 in Lörrach, Germany.
‘’I grew up on the countryside in the south of Germany. When I was quite young I already felt this deep
fascination to perceive the beauty of the moment in a simple way and share it somehow with my surrounding and the people around me. Photography became a tool for me to document and share this perception and experiences it in a visual way.’’
After finishing school, Jonas Löllmann decided to live in Costa Rica for 6 month. Then he moved to the
Netherlands in 2004 where he started to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. During his studies he went to New York City for three month to live there and work on different personal projects. In 2008 he finished successfully my Bachelor degree in the Netherlands and moved to Berlin in 2009.
Currently Jonas Löllmann is based in Berlin and works and lives in Europe (and other places around the world).

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