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Cine Qua Non is an arts magazine of the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES) built up by movements in written form that freely crisscross reflections, reviews or essays; movements that relate music to visual arts, dance to theatre, cinema to literature. This publication intends to submit its readers to a unique editorial approach that gathers artists, researchers and teaching staff, Portuguese or foreign, proposing texts of different nature about diverse artistic expressions. Cine Qua Non is, since its first printed issue, an entirely bilingual publication (Portuguese/English) that is presented in both versions: an online edition and a printed one.

Director | Ana Luísa Valdeira
Editorial Coordination | Madalena Manzoni Palmeirim
Editorial Consultancy | Isabel Fernandes
Graphic Project | Catarina Vasconcelos | Margarida Rêgo
Copy Editing and Proofreading | Margarida Vale de Gato

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{ Bring into movement // ana luísa valdeira da silva }

Having a publication has been a long-standing wish. To put together an issue such as this, in this new era of online publishing, is to fulfil this dream, and satisfy a strong urge to bring art students together. To gather artists. To gather the arts. From universities, theatres, studios, workshops, from halls and classrooms come MA and PhD students, teachers and artists, gathered here in writing. United by the arts, joining theory to practice, in Portugal or abroad, from the stage or the audience, ideas, doubts, certainties and uncertainties are shared. Their innovations. Creations. Explanations. Interrogations.

Many times questioned as to why I chose this title, I feel compelled to explain it. The title goes back to Amsterdam, 2008, and a cinema store of the same name. It then evolved into a title for an academic movie project and, having won my affection and liking, it crystallises here. Cine Qua Non might easily be confused with a movie mag. That’s an assumed risk, but just to clear up any lingering doubts, here’s the explanation. Instead of tying the first word up to any particular art form, the idea is to link it to movement. And not just to one, but several movements. To written movements freely crisscrossing reflections, ideas, reviews and aggravations. To art movements relating music to the plastic arts, dance to theatre, cinema to literature. Cine Qua Non is made of contrary, transversal, parallel, circular movements. Movements in theory and criticism.

The magazine will come out quarterly, one issue per season. That’s the commitment. Born in springtime, it’ll move on in time, hoping to make it through autumn. Here you’ll find internal movements of texts written in Portugal, inside reflections of people who think about their surroundings. There’ll be constant movements of regular collaborators, by Jorge Vaz Nande and Pedro Ramos Almeida. There’ll be academic movements of essays on art. And external movements of texts from abroad, from Leipzig by Manuel Durão, London by Simão Costa, or from Berlin by Alex Hundt. These are reflections from the outside, stories from there to here, or thoughts that have left Portugal and continue out there. Pendulum movements that go to and for and never stop.

If the Faculty of Letters has nurtured my critical spirit, the years I spent at Instituto Superior Técnico have left me this kinetic energy that simply won’t let me rest. It’s through this very kinetic energy - the necessary amount of work for an object to cease being at rest and gain momentum - that this first impulse came to be. It’s the force of change. The force of acting.

Dear readers, this is finally the beginning. Right from the title, connected to our object and objective, you can see that we’re not looking for anything static or inert. But yes cinematic and dynamic. Cine Qua Non is the movement without which nothing changes.

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